Sunday, October 19, 2008


I'm probably the last to know, but I finally discovered Carlos' photos of the group rides on the sharp-looking bicicorsa web site. Looks like the site will grow to be a nice resource, but for now I'll bet all the hits are from SB folks looking at his pics of Sunday Worlds!


Anonymous said...

thanks for the compliment, and more photos were just posted.

Marco Fanelli said...

Nice pics. Dang, you never miss a Sunday, do you!?

Will you add our Thursday lunchtime jaunt up Old San Marcos to the Rides page? We meet at noon at Giorgi Park (about one block before the climb starts), and people ride whatever pace they want up to the top, where we regroup and commiserate.

Anonymous said...

I added it. If you want to change the wording send me an email. bill at