Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Ehh, What's Up Doc?

I dug up these beauties today. Twist off the greens, wash off the dirt, put them in the fridge in an unsealed plastic bag and they should be good for 6 months or more.

But I wanted to use some now, so I made juice...

Ingredients (all from my garden):
- 6 Carrots
- 2 Tomatoes
- 2 sprigs Parsley
- 2 sprigs Cilantro
- 10 Swiss Chard leaves
- 1 ripe red Serrano pepper
- 1 marble-size red Onion
- dash of salt (not from garden)

Chilled over ice, it wasn't half bad ...despite how it looks!


Chester said...

Awesome man. What kind of juicer do you have?

Caitlin and I do all of our Juicing on an old school champion Juicer that is over 30 years old. It was the first thing that my parents bought together way back once upon a time. They gave it to us about 8 months ago. I'm not sure if it changed my life but ooooh man. My favorite is beet, celery, carrot, ginger, and cucumber.

Marco Fanelli said...

Hey Chesta-

My juicer is a Breville and I love it. Didn't you tell me once that you use the filtered-out veggie pulp in a bread recipe? Lots of creative ways to eat healthy, right?

Chester said...

Oh yeah, caitlin makes zuccini bread, but substitutes the veggie pulp for the zuccini. Also, she subsitutes Platinum Granular for most of the sugar- finger licking goodness.