Thursday, November 06, 2008

California BikeFest 2008 -- Be There!

Ever had a leadout from Ivan Dominguez, Rahsaan Bahati, or Fast Freddie Rodriguez? Would you like one? How about having Daniel Ramsey or Aaron Olson pull you non-stop from Ventura to Casitas at 29 mph? Or would you prefer drafting Kim Anderson, Dotsie Bausch, or Mari Holden? How about hearing stories from US legends Thurlow Rogers, Wayne Stetina, or Roy Knickman as they stick with you for a chip-timed 100 km training ride?

Well, now you'll have your chance! All these top American cyclists are up for auction to be your personal Cycling Sherpa for a fun-filled road ride. And that's just part of the excitement you'll have at the California BikeFest taking place in Ventura on December 6th. Also on tap are an endurance cyclocross race (any CX'ers out there??), a family fun ride, a tricycle race, and a lively expo with activities, exhibits, and information.

Visit the California BikeFest website to learn more about this great event.

Yes, it will cost you a few dollars to participate ...maybe more than a few if you get in a bidding war for one of those great Cycling Sherpas... but the proceeds go to a worthy cause, The Breakaway from Cancer program.

So, whatcha say SB roadies? Let's support this thing! Two course options, as shown below, but naturally we'd all do the longer one (Casitas loop plus Santa Paula). Who will be the fastest? Do you want a Sherpa to help you? (I know who I want...)


Seth said...

Do I hear a Santa Barbara group Time Trial? We all chip in 20 dollars to put Thurlow to work? My time trial bike is ready and I should have a skin suit by then.

No problem if you want to bail on Saturday. Since Chester is out I think I'm just going to do the Lake ride to Casitas and back. I'll be doing 101-Refugio-West-154-OSM-Home on Sunday if you or any of your readers want to come along.


Jacob said...

nice post

Marco Fanelli said...

Haha Seth! Actually, I think if you read the fine print on the Bikefest site, they politely request that riders don't pool $$ to win a Sherpa. Besides, I see the Thurlow bob-'n-weave in my nightmares ...I don't need to pay to see it anymore!