Saturday, November 08, 2008

A November Morning's Harvest

How many places in November can you go in your backyard and harvest: tomatoes, cilantro, peppers, onions, garlic, and limes?

We may not have brilliant fall colors or picturesque dustings of snow...

...but we got really fresh salsa!!!


Gianni said...

Nice, and I see the new ones are sprouting in the background!

Fun stuff!

Marco Fanelli said...

Hey gianni,
Yeah, it's been rare that all the ingredients for a good batch of salsa were ripe/ready at the same time... mostly poor planning on my part... so it was fun. Those are spinach seedlings in the background. I tried something different this year, namely, starting them in seed flats (200 little plants!!) and then I'm transplanting them. I hope it works out... my spinach results have always been mixed. Chard grows like a weed but spinach often gets stunted and yellow. I think maybe my soil is too acidic or something. Anyway, we no longer buy fresh spinach in the store because of this experience.

Anonymous said...

Nice Veggies, still harvesting some in my backyard, will have to see how the rain treats my veggies tonight, the plants responded well to all the zaca ash last year. Nice site.