Saturday, November 22, 2008

Damn That Felt Good

Sometimes you just gotta cut stuff down, especially if it's an ugly old 20-foot-tall scrub oak growing 12 inches from your house. Thirty years ago some kid planted an acorn there, and being the lazy homeowner that I am, it grew unfettered and wildly out of control.

So laying in bed awake at 2:00 AM stressing about the stock market, our remodel, garden pests, C++ memory leaks, and the dirty chain on my bike, now I also had visions of this stupid tree cracking our foundation and getting the house condemned. They say that stress is caused primarily by feeling a lack of control. I can't do anything about the stock market, but I do own a chainsaw. Few things provide such a visceral sense of raw power as a chainsaw cutting through fresh wood. One less thing to stress about now.

Next I'll clean my bike's chain.


TnA said...

Tree Killer!

BTW, I've heard that some people use chain saw oil on their bike chains :-)

Kk said...

Hey! Chainsaw Therapy! Sounds like the next craze to me. Write a book and make a video. You could be like Tom Sawyer, only for cutting down unwanted brush instead of whitewashing fences.

Anonymous said...

Did you have a permit for that?

Anonymous said...

Grandma always could tell when her parents had been in a huge argument.....Great-Grandfather would be chopping wood.

Marco Fanelli said...

Ouch! This thing was a 20-foot tall weed, and a clear-and-present danger to our house (and the neighbor's house too). Not to mention it was horribly infested with some oak-leaf eating moth. I do wonder though, was I really supposed to get a permit? What defines when you need one? Where is the line drawn between, say, digging out a Day Lily plant and cutting down a tree? (Of course I'm not talking about city trees by the street, which a few scofflaws in my neighborhood did cut down!)