Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Jens is So Cool

What a likable guy! Can we come ride with you Jens?

NorCal hero BJM is pretty good too!

Check out all of Mark Shimahara's cycling-video diaries on Youtube.


alicat said...

"I get paid to hurt other people. What better job could there be?"

I love Jens.

bjorn said...

I've got an audio from Jens' press conf after his stage win in San Jose:
(the link that says Voigt 1/2 dowen the page).

Admitteldy not the best audio quality. I think the quote of day of the pressconf was:

" I told the guys: Look, the finish line is ahead of us, not behind. So stop looking back".


Good luck for the rest of CVC...


Marco Fanelli said...

alicat- Yeah, that's a sign of how likable he is... even when he talks about hurting people, we love him! That same quote could have been from a mob hit-man or something!

bjorn- You know what, you remind me of Jens... not just the German thing, but how you ride (or how you *did* ride... do you still ride?)

bjorn said...

I have been more into bike advocacy the last couple of years and living in suburban Sacramento (just read your TT blog - you used to live here in Sacto?) it helps not having a car. I get my miles in by just grocery shopping or hauling a 250 pound washing machine home on my trailer for weight training :)
I don't race anymore, but still ride some. Did the American River Bike Path last week (that's close to 90 miles from house). And for those who don't know that path, it has some really steep hills. I think the total elevation gain on those 90 miles is about 3ft :)
So there - I am not Jens, who said in a recent dailypeloton interview that his bike will collect dust after his career. But at least on bike safety we are on the same page - bike path in Germany suck!