Saturday, March 31, 2007

Piru Punch in the Pants!

So THAT'S the Piru Time Trial everyone is always talking about!

Pops Larsen and I cruised down in the vastly superior Sienna minivan, and we were greeted by a beautiful morning with clear skies and a gentle breeze. Surprisingly, only 20-30 crazy time-trial folks were up for 40K against the clock this morning. I guess this event is pretty low key.

The course is 10 km out along a continuously rolling road, so we had three turn-arounds to make 40K. The hills are pretty much doable in the big ring, but you have to get out of the saddle to avoid being bogged down by a few of them. No big deal--it's nice to get up and stretch occasionally.

Pops conveniently registered just behind me, thus making me his beotch... err, I mean, his 1-minute man. I caught three guys in front of me, but then Pops caught me at the half-way point. Dang. Now I know he's a good tt'er, but I sure didn't want him to put two minutes into me! Thus I found I could dig deeper and we stayed even for the second 20K, with me finishing just in front of him for a 58:13. He did 57:13 which I think was the fastest time of the day.

Now, if I can just extract the two railroad spikes that someone pounded into my glutes, I'll be ready for Ojai tomorrow!

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aham23 said...

found my way here from BF. nice TT. i enjoyed the stop. later.