Saturday, March 17, 2007

SDSR RR Quick Report

Time bonuses. Sometimes they are your friend, and sometimes they suck. The 2's gc leader after yesterday probably thinks they suck. He got none. The guy who started the day in 3rd (Eric Barlevav) scooped up a couple good ones today and moved into the gc lead. He's a young kid who looks like he might have a future in bike racing.

Your humble SB crew tried a few times to animate the race, but in the end, two guys escaped and got a few seconds and were followed in by about 50 guys all s.t., including Cookie, MarkZen, and yours truly. (Somehow I scooted up a spot into 10th on gc.)

As seems to happen almost every year, different categories got mixed up. This year they started the Pros only 5 minutes behind us and they caught us at about mile 50, which neutralized us and caused some confusion. Then we caught the 3s as we went into our sprint. Chaos.

Other races...

A strong front group went off in the Pros containing their gc leader Moninger, and our very own C-Walker. He moved way up in g.c. (top 10) which should strengthen his lead in the SoCal p/1/2 points series, which he seems to covet this year. Cody won the field sprint.

Jason held his g.c. position in the 4's and Eric Forte dropped a spot in the 3's because a good sized break got away from him.

Not sure how it happened--and it is surprising to me--but Greg Leibert lost his g.c. lead in the 35+. It looks like Mike "Chicken" Anderson, my favorite Las Vegas cop, was in a break and made up significant time. He's now in 3rd, Leibert's in 2nd, and Gary Scott has the lead.

I'm pretty sure Lindsay still has the g.c. lead in the 45's, despite letting a break get away with Larry Shannon and Malcolm Hill. Watch out for time bonuses tomorrow Lindsay!!!

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