Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Need Ice for Shoulder and Elbow

This little guy wants to practice with me every single day during spring break... TWO WEEKS STRAIGHT!

The Little League pitchers he faces throw curves, and junk, and great change-ups. They aren't supposed to put movement on the ball, but they do.

So when we practice he wants me to throw fast, no more lobs.

I think my arm is going to fall off soon.

I love it!!


TnA said...

Is Brian's LL team really sponsored by Mel's? Bar?

That's kinda cool...;-)

Marco Fanelli said...

Yeah, Mel's Bar ...and the parents get free drinks after every win!

No you knucklehead, that's "Mets" on his jersey, not Mel's!!!

(You missed a fun looking crit practice tonight. Not much wind and a good group. I didn't ride either, seeing as it would have been my 3rd ride of the day.)

TnA said...

Yeah...it seemed like the wind died immediately after I "pulled the plug" on going. Oh well...maybe I'm a little tired and my heart wasn't in it. I'll take it out on OSM tomorrow ;-)