Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Yesterday, Blah ...Today, Spring

I had big plans yesterday for an epic and rejuvenating day of climbing...

Alas, I awoke to gray skies, a cold house, and a very grumpy sixth grader who hadn't finished his homework and was in no mood to try. Often we'll let him take responsibility for getting it done (or not), but yesterday morning I insisted that he finish before going to school. If that made him late, so be it. Recently his attitude has been a bit too lax, and I felt he needed to know we consider that unacceptable.

Thus followed the Mother of All Meltdowns, with tears saturating his papers, and screams of how stupid I was for making him late for school. Soon enough however, he realized I was serious and was not yielding, so he focused and got it done. He ran out the door, still angry, and probably made it with seconds to spare.

I doubt that kids realize how much these kinds of confrontations affect their parents. But the tone had been set for my day, and I never got out on the bike.

Ahhh... but this is a new day! Today the little guy got all his work done--in a cheery mood in fact--and the sun is out. We've got blossoms in the backyard and baseball this afternoon. And guess what... it's the first day of Spring!




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