Saturday, April 21, 2007

Conquer the Canyons - Day 1

4-mile up and down TT this morning ...65 p/1/2 brutes including a nearly full SuccessfulLiving team and assorted other world beaters and $12K dreamers. Kevin Klein started 30 seconds in front of me, C-Walk 30 seconds behind. Great. I knew I'd never see Klein, and I was terrified of being caught by Chris. I was right on the first one--KK rode to a strong 8th place--and fortunately I held off CW ...barely. I heard his snotting and snorting coming up and that gave me some extra push. I finished in 12:39 which was 22nd place. Daniel Ramsey won with a blazing 11:34. That boy is raging right now! Cookie and MarkZen are also top 30 and we're all really close. Druber's bro is right in the mix too.

No big changes from the PM circuit race as it came down to a field sprint.

So we're set up for a brutal race tomorrow as SuccessfulLiving defends and opportunists attack. Let's hope for an early break in which we're represented, or a race of attrition in which we survive!

Other locals...

In the beginner race, Steve Weixel rode to a nice 2nd place tt, and held the spot in the circuit race.

Dave Larsen is in 2nd in the 4s, and also held thanks to strong work from Dr. Geoff.

Gary got 2nd in the 3's circuit race and Chicken-Ranch Matt was 4th. Steve B. and Blinger are looking good too.

Kim Bleth made the 6-man break in the 45+ and got, uhhh, 6th.

Not sure about the other local stories...

Dave Worthington got the tt win in the 45's but missed the circuit-race break and dropped to 2nd. He'll get it back tomorrow, bank on it.

The 35+ is a battle. Mark Noble won the tt and Greg Leibert was 2nd, and the gc stayed the same after the circuit race I think. They will have a war tomorrow with the strong teams from Amgen, Central Coast Masters, and Cynergy.

'til tomorrow...


Kimberly Turner said...

i got 4th in the TT, and 8th in the crit (lead pack so my GC placing stayed the same). Today my race was full of mechanicals...(2 dropped chains, a few tough breaks with regard to where I was when that fire truck was maneuvering...) and I'm not even sure where I finished, but I know it wasn't good! The bike is in the shop now (for the 3rd time in 7 days)...I hope they figure it out soon! Oh well..
sounds like you guys were doing well!

Steve Weixel said...

Thanks for the mention. I ended up getting second in my road race and second in the GC as well. It was a fun first race but my TT times would have been burried deep in the cat V field... I got some good pictures of you, your teammates, and other locals which I should have posted in a few days.

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Marco Fanelli said...

Congratulations Steve and Kimberly! I'm sure you both made all your Echelon teammates proud. Stage races certainly add some fun dimensions to bike racing ...and lots to think about between stages!

Strong local presence at CtC; very nice to see. And some great results (e.g., David Larsen winning his rr and getting 2nd gc!) and gutsy efforts, such as my teammate MarkZen's in our rr. He was a monster going up that hill each lap and worked his way to a nice gc finish!

I'll write about Day 2 after getting some real work done today.