Monday, April 09, 2007

Monday Mumblings

I am the luckiest guy in the world to have a sweetie who will hang out in a feed zone in the middle of nowhere to hand a bottle or two to an old dork like me. Thanks to Bo Hebe for capturing the moment and allowing me to use the picture.

Folks, don't forget to always thank your feeder if you are fortunate enough to have one!

BTW, it seems my Copperopolis report was full of errors and oversights, e.g., I completely failed to mention--'cause I also failed to notice!--that Dan Martin bridged to Hernandez on that last lap, helped him keep the gap, and then detonated like a jihadist. Read the winner's report. What ever did we do before next-day race reports on the internet!?!

Or for that matter, before digital pictures posted on the internet...

A couple of old warriors: Henri and Chris D'Alusio at Copperopolis.


Seems there were a few other races this weekend too...

Like the inaugural US Open Cycling Championship in Virginia where all the top North American pros were. Apparently the race was a perfect springtime classic, with a tough cobbled hill and near blizzard conditions.

Symmetrics stud Svein (pronounced "swain") Tuft won solo after dropping his break partner.

That he won was no surprise to me, and let me tell you why... Last year Svein was in SB visiting Jake and one day I saw him out riding. It was a pretty cold crisp day in the winter time, maybe mid 40's or so but with abundant sunshine. I was descending Hwy 154 in full winter clothing and I passed Jake going up similarly dressed. Like all pros it seems, legs stay covered in training unless it's over 70 degrees. We each shout out "Hey" and continue on. Then, about a mile further down the hill, I see this guy riding up at like 5 mph with nothing on but bibs and shoes jersey, no legwarmers, no gloves, no helmet, ...nothing. And his bib straps were down too, flopping around his legs. He belted out an enthusiastic "HEY!!" as I went by. I figured this was some goofball Symmetrics staff person who wanted to go out for a ride with Jake but couldn't keep up...

But of course you know who it was... yep, it was Svein Tuft. I got the story on him later... this Canadian hardman is a lumberjack who enjoys Ultimate Fighting. ...not watching Ultimate Fighting, but doing it. For real.

Oh yeah, and about the ride that day... Jake said that when Svein got to Painted Cave Rd., he proceeded to get off his bike and lay down on the pavement to soak up some rays. Maybe it was up to 50 degrees by then!

All those wussy bike racers in Virginia didn't stand a chance once the snow started to fall!

[add/edit (11 April): hmmm, just noticed a huge spike in visitors from BC Canada... so, just in case, let me say that I do not now, nor have I ever, thought anyone associated with Symmetrics Cycling is or was a goofball. Further, and especially if Symmetrics Cycling rules require riders to wear helmets, I'd like to change the story to say that Tuft was most definitely wearing one. Other than that, all the rest is true. There, now I won't have any Ultimate Fighters knocking on my door, right?!?]


And locally there was the Island View crit this weekend too. Most of the team was there and we made a decent showing.

Here's MarkZen working the front like he loves to do! This guy is firing good right now and doing lots of racing. He got a couple of top-10s in the 30+ and the p/1/2 at Ontario on Sunday too.

Sorry to hear there were some nasty crashes out there in IV. New teammate Gary got caught in one and the consequences to his bike were devastating. Check out these two pictures. (Gary's the guy in blue and red about to pile on the downed Bike Barn rider.) Coincidence that this occurred in front of SOS Liquors?? I think not!

Fortunately Gary didn't get hurt too badly but his bike is totalled!

Welcome to the team Gary!! Now get yourself a Ridley.


Oh yeah, I guess there was some race in Belgium too.

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dr-nitro said...

Yeah, I got a few things wrong about what went on as well. I'll blame on still getting to know the who's who in the geezer pack. That, and getting popped right at the end and not seeing Martin coming back to the pack.

But I've said it before, and I'll say it again, good race, good fun, ouch.