Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Ojai -- Pics from the Pro Race

Lots of pictures below from the Pro race. However, since I just noticed that Blogger, i.e., Google, has a limit on the amount of free storage, there are only (!) around 30 pictures here. Thanks to Croy-key and MarkZen for some of these images.

Click on the images to get full-size versions.

Also, Croy-key has a CD of pictures from the hack races (35+, 2's, 3's, and 4's) featuring a lot of locals. I'll post some of those soon. Let's pass the CD around so people can get what they want from it, assuming Michael says it's ok...

So here's the Pro race from Ojai... Mostly pics of locals, ex-locals, and other folks you won't find on cyclingnews.com or VeloNews...

Before the call-ups...

Jake wonders how many people will get called up...

Even Walker got called up!

OV was going to get called up, but Dave Towle took one look at those goofy brake levers and said "No way!"

Carla giving last-minute instructions and informing the riders that drug-testing will be done!

Race promoter Bob Coble about to lead them off the line on his scooter...

...and they're off! Daniel got a good start.

The first few laps were furious and the group was like a long snake beneath the trees of Ojai

A long way from the back to the front!

CW looked really comfortable climbing the hill. He sat in the back for the beginning laps, always passing by guys getting popped.

Normally Daniel would eat up this race, but as you can see, he's having some knee trouble.

Steve Hegg was there to feed his boys on the SuccessfulLiving team. Not sure if that was legal or not...

It was sure nice to have some speed going into the hill.

Jake looked good on the hill too...

...and applied some pressure to hurt people.

Cody was usually tucked in comfortably...

...but was thinking "sheesh, I thought I'd seen the last of this guy when he left town!"

Mark Zen has a big lens!!

...which is why he can capture gems like this. Click on the image and look at the corner.

Someone else sat down on that corner too. Nice shots Zen!!

The obligatory Clinger shot. Gotta say, for a big guy, he sure looked comfortable.

CW got himself in a little move with Wohlberg and some others...

...but since none of the big teams were represented, it didn't go anywhere. Still nice to see CW giving it a go.

Jake rode the front a lot.

Flying through the first corner.

Even the big boys were showing signs of strain...

...but that's when they attack, which is why they're the big boys!

Ryan and Jake nearing the end.

Uthman looked good. I guess he upgraded. Good for him!

Hernando looked good the entire race. Between the 35+ and the Pro race, he rode more laps than anyone else in Ojai ... nearly three hours out there!

Little groups tried hard to escape the inevitable field sprint...

...but in the end, Dominguez and Toyota-United would not be denied. Just after this pic, he blew by Healthnet's Russell Downing to win his second race of the weekend!

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