Thursday, April 12, 2007

Irresponsible or What?

Still don't have our taxes done, yet I'm going off to another bike race this weekend. Or more precisely, I'm heading out later tonight because there's a TT tomorrow (Friday) that starts early in the morning. I didn't realize that when I signed up. Doh! Plus, this race is an omnium and there is the distinct possibility that I won't get any points in the tt, in which case I will be no better off than if I didn't do the tt at all. Like I said, irresponsible. Oh well, at least I'll have all of Monday and Tuesday for taxes.

But not all my shame is from tax procrastination... I'm also feeling a bit guilty because most of my teammates are up in Monterey for the annual Sea Otter festivities. Call me selfish, but Sea Otter is getting a little old. Yes it's a treat to race on Laguna Seca, and everyone should do that a few times, but Monterey is darned expensive and the races are spread out over a lot of days. (Of course, a true stud could really maximize the number of races up there this year... between category and Masters options, you could do either two circuit races and a road race, or vice versa, and then a crit or two in Santa Cruz on Sunday.)

Anyway, and here comes the true confession, take a look at the rain forecast for Saturday. Those numbers indicate the probability of precipitation.

Look at Monterey.

Now look at San Diego.

'nuff said.


Anonymous said...

Markelli-ignore the guilt. My plan for SO and SC never materialized, all a pipe dream. Flood had to be back Saturday night, so no SC. Rain in Monterey on Saturday, not sure if we would make the registration deadline for Friday's races. Stopped in Los Olivos, drank some beers, drove back to SB. I'll be around this weekend if you don't make all the SD races. Cook

Marco Fanelli said...

Dang Cookie! So you were already heading up there, and then decided to bag it? ...and then had beers in Los Olivos before returning home? Well, I guess sometimes you have to trust your gut instincts, and it sounds like your guts said it was a no-go, eh!?!

Have some good rides in SB, and we'll have fun at CtC next weekend. I'm pretty sure I'll stay down here since I missed the Blvd fun in Feb. Then two crits on Sunday I hope.