Thursday, April 26, 2007

Garden Quiz Question #2

What do you think these things are?

No they are not some weird kind of legume, and as far as I know, nobody eats them in this form.

A hint: this is part of a food plant well past when it should have been harvested--basically, I got lazy. These are seed pods.

Typically, you'd see a huge mess of pods like in this picture. (I separated the ones in the pic above.)

Another hint: if you click on this picture and view it at full size, you'll notice in the lower-left a lady-bug feasting on a bunch of aphids. That's the hint... aphids LOVE this plant! In fact, that's why I never harvested them--the aphids got there first.

Next year I hope to stay on top of it better and keep the aphids away. Blasting the plants with water each day should help, or maybe using floating row covers, or a spray made out of canola oil and ivory dish soap...

Gotta do something so we can enjoy this...

Yeah, those first two pictures above are of a broccoli plant a few months past harvest time. The little sprig turns into a cluster of dainty little yellow flowers which, when pollinated, produce the mess of seed pods shown in the middle picture.


Henri said...

You need to water your garden more often, those chilis should be red.

Marco Fanelli said...

Stick to trees, big guy!