Friday, April 13, 2007

Sea Otter News Flash!!!

MarkZen wins the 30+ 1,2,3 circuit race!!! Yeah babay!!!

He and some climber dude chased down a solo guy at the end and dropped him, then MarkZen lit him up in the sprint and won easily.


...and that's not his only podium in the last couple days... He got a 3rd in the 30+ 1,2,3 road race yesterday after being in a long five-man break that stretched its lead out to a couple of minutes. He came in just ahead of long-time pro Mark McCormack. (Also, one of the five in the break was a Spine guy who flatted ...Mark didn't know who it was but I'd guess Hutchinson)

Sea Otter results are here.

I haven't heard the stories that go with them but other local results include:

C-Walk winning the 40+ 1,2,3 and Chris Wire getting 2nd for the second week in a row. Boyer 3rd, Stetina 4th, Henri 5th.

Junior Grant Van Horn finally bagged a win at Sea Otter after a couple of frustrating 2nds in the last couple years. Look out Europe, here he comes!

Pops Larsen got a bronze in the 40+ 4s and TnA finished 17th.

And Jason got 3rd in the open 4s. Surely that's enough points now for an upgrade...

Feel free to add (or correct) any Sea Otter news with a comment or two. I'm down at the other end of the state missing the action, so I'd love to hear more updates!


dr-nitro said...

Chris Phipps, z-team rider, was pushing up the climb most of the laps in the 30+ circuit race, and mid way, I let a gap form so thinking that a few laps by himself might take the edge off his legs. Then, with about 5 or 6 to go, I hit it on the hill hard to bridge and brought your guy and Alaska guy with me, but they showed their thanks by punching it over the top on the false flat, leaving me in no man's land. Oh well. I just did not have it over that top section.

And, they actually dropped the guy who went with Mark, not Phipps, who got second.

I hit it on the last lap, leaving my group of 6, but could not quite hold it all the way around, and got nipped for fourth right at the line. No worries, my team reimburses for top 5, and that is what I got.

Marco Fanelli said...

Nice work Nick! Sorry MarkZen punched it over the top--he's a cold-hearted bitch. Maybe you should join our team!! (Hopefully HK doesn't read that part.) And thanks again for the race-report correction re Phipps (aka PizzaMan).

dr-nitro said...

Well, my friend who works for Time said I should ride for them. And I thought what could be easier than being Chris Walker's teammate? "Sorry, my man is up the road, so I am just going to sit back here and see if you can pull them back."

I think, though, that I'll try to get the old strawberries firing on all cylinders, including getting the nitro kit for my two cylinders. Plus, your kits are so grey and drab.

Good job, yourself, on the rr result today. Good luck tomorrow.